Foodie Review: The Iscreamist

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone. First up, this post will be about an awesome ice cream joint I think everyone in the Diliman area should drop by even just once in his life. Second, I think this is a spin-off post because well, the Philippines as a tropical country is getting colder by the minute such that getting some liquid nitrogen ice cream seemed to be appropriate. This one is about The Iscreamist.

The place is a little too small for a wild ice cream joint. It is best to go here during the afternoons as the lines extend until outside on evenings. Some customers even get conscious because the people in the line tend to complain as to where they can sit down in a jam-packed place. 

The interior shows off some optical illusion mirrors as windows, some warning signs, and a real cool menu board for starters.

Foodgasmik’s photo of the menu board modeled after the table of elements

The service is so-so. I cannot expect more from a famous small-time business with two-three service crew.

Foodgasmik’s photo of the Dragon’s Breath

The food is so much of a daredevil. The Dragon Breaths are a bestseller. They are these pops of sweets to be dipped in liquid nitrogen making the customer exhale smoke. Like a dragon. Cool, right?

Foodgasmik’s photo of the Pistachio ice cream

The other ice cream served includes the Red Velvet and the Pistachio. Both are equally yummy and creamy.

This is a review in my Zomato account with photos from Foodgasmik..

Foodie Review: Persian Mandi Grill

I enjoy food with all my heart so this blog may be an outlet of some rip-offs of my food reviews. This one is about Persian Mandi Grill.

My organization, the UP Pre-Medical Society has just finished its applicants’ orientation so are ravishing for some dinner. Our usual place is in the Maginhawa strip but since we were a bunch of almost rowdy kids, we cannot fit inside the places we frequent. Luckily, this place got lots of elbow room. We practically rented the place!

The ambience was a notch up your usual cafeteria. Inside are group tables arranged using multi-colored sofas. The air conditioning was sub par. The wifi was nonexistent. I asked the cashier as to what happened, it just got broken. Too bad. But, to kill boredom we played cards, instead. 

The food came around 20 minutes later. We got complimentary iced teas, which are kind of sampaguita flavored. Some of my orgmates were not accustomed to the taste, so more iced tea for the foodie in me. Yay!

Their signature rice was this Persian mandi rice. Yellow and a bit to the oily side, the rice lovers were quite happy with their purchases. I ordered the M1 (Chicken Thigh unli-rice) which costs Php 79. All of their rice meals are unli-rice except for the rice bowls.

Nutshell: The place is perfect for your not-so-usual barkada nights.

This a review from my Zomato account. Check me out for other reviews of yummy places in the metro.

Haul: Warehouse Sale of National Book Store

I just survived my first warehouse sale, ever. Woohoo. This one is the famous warehouse sale of no other than the National Book Store, one of the biggest book stores in the country. The sale was inside their Quezon Avenue branch which spans four floors of book and school supplies.
The plan for the day was to be within the budget of Php500, go home by 1:00pm, and get good books.
I arrived around 10, and the area was filled with people scouring for wonderful finds. The density was bearable enough that I can go dance about and smiling at each price tag I see. Well, I am a fan of cheap but quality stuff so I am practically giddy the whole time. Not to mention I forgot the time and kind of got home around 3:00 pm. I even forgot to eat lunch!

As the day went by, more and more people arrived and the spaced got cramped. Too bad I couldn’t get an aerial shot.

20140119-202458.jpgAfter almost an hour of snakelike lines to the cashier, I am nearly done! Woo!

20140120-073732.jpgThis is the haul from the sale. Novels, educational manuals, and some self-help books are in here.

20140120-073802.jpgThe list of book titles are here:
Saving Midnight and Breaking Midnight by Emma Holly
The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson
The Light of Burning Shadows
The Barbary Pirates by William Dietrich
A set of Vampire Kisses novels by Ellen Schreiber
A set of Private novels by Kate Brian
Basilisk by Fūtaro Yamada and Masaki Segawa
Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler
and many others.

20140120-074103.jpgThere was one book that was originally priced at Php1000 turned out to be just Php25!

After the entire sale, I spent Php465. I still have enough spare change to grab lunch from our cafeteria. Yey!