Tingin ko maganda ito.
(The above statement is coercion at its finest.)


Ang pag-aaral at pagtuto ay dalawang magkaibigang bagay. Ang isa sa kanilang malaking pagkakaiba ay ang pagtuto ay kailanman hindi tumitigil. Ang paraan ng pagtuto ay isang patuloy na proseso. Tumitigil lang tayo matuto sa oras na tayo ay pumanaw.

Isa sa aking mga natutunan ay ang pagtuto ay hindi lamang nangyayari sa isang silid-aralan o paaralan. Maaari itong mabuo sa isang intelektwal na diskurso kasama ang iyong mga kaibigan. Ang mahalaga upang matuto ay ang inyong kagustuhan makamit ito. Ang pagtuto ay wala sa paaralan kundi nasa loob ng bawat isa sa atin.


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The MOOC Trend

The Current MOOC Trends Worth Knowing (c)

I have enlisted myself into a MOOC more than once. I remembered being in Intro to Forensic Science, Intro to Astrobiology, and many other classes in different MOOC sites like coursera and edX. At first, I found it really cool that there is a facility like this that can provide knowledge on different topics for free, at my own time (for some classes), and certified by a professor from the Ivy. However I could not attend some if not most of the classes as I had a rather hectic schedule with my own university academic requirements. What I did was to acquire all the available academic resources and study them at my own time.
MOOC is the promise of increased access to education. MOOC is designed to teach those who know what they want to learn. MOOC is made to cater to the needs of the many to be educated despite absence of the ‘classic’ school infrastructure.
The question still remains, “Will MOOC become a mainstream mode of education or will it stay as an alternative?”