On Roles of Teachers and Students in EdTech

1. What possible effects will the new learning landscape have on our present educational system?

The new learning landscape will probably make drastic adjustments in terms of economy and maintenance. The novelty will make the education sector ‘invest’ on new equipment, upgrades, and training of veteran educators. However, money may be a problem, or sustainability may not be visible.

2. What do you think is the most important role of teachers and students in technology integration into the education? Why?

Educators and learners should be in tandem in using technology to redefine teaching and not just using it to substitute and augment educational resources. The full potential of technology will only be reached if both parties are critical enough and develop new ways on how to share and information.

3. What do you think is another crucial role of teachers that is NOT mentioned in our readings/discussions? Why do you think it is important?

Educators should be at best the motivator for discovery learning using technology. I think this is important in making learners who are critical thinkers empowered to think of more ways to a more convenient living and are able to give back to the society.

4. What do you feel and how do you prepare about the changing role that teachers and students will play in the evolving learning environment?

I am highly anticipating in the active roles of the educators and learners who will shape and evolve the learning environment. For that, I am preparing by means of knowing a little something about the current state and all the other trends that may help the education sector.

5. How would you balance tech-savvy students and those that are not?

Technology should be integrated in the traditional and conventional lesson plan. It should be seen as a reinforcement of learning and not a tool for forcing to learn. Virtual educational resources should be available but not required. Both types of students should be able to showcase their outputs in the way they choose.