Food Bucketlist

Anyone who knows me can be certain that I love food. It is something I enjoy and was taught to hold sacred because of the culinary culture imbibed in me by my mom. We are from Bacolod, the City of Smiles (and chicken inasal), so devouring food with gusto comes as second nature to us. To add to that, studying in UP Diliman has developed my palate into something always in search of really good food. Just recently, I made a pact with my fellow UP Foodies that we will try every food establishment there is near the university. We hope to finish most, if not all, restaurants inside and near the campus, before graduation comes. Trust me, that is no easy feat because new stores keep popping out in food strips such that I need to keep track. This page will become my personal food bucket list. The rule is not to return to the same food stop until I have completed the entire strip! I hope I can stick to that! Or, I may indicate if I just can’t get enough of the place (haha!).

PS Some entries may include blog posts and reviews rehashed from my Zomato and looloo accounts.

First off, Maginhawa Street.

Nanette’s Snack Haus (84 Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, Q.C).
Moonleaf Tea Shop (103 Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, Q.C.,)
BRGR The Burger Project (122 Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, Q.C.)
Jek’s Ku-Bo Bulalo at Ulo-Ulo (77 Maginhawa St., UP Village, Q.C.)
Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Place (50 Malingap St., Sikatuna Village, Q.C.)
Empire Steak (4 Masinsinan St., Teacher’s Village, Q.C.)
Tomato Kick (55 Maginhawa St., UP Village, Q.C.)
Van Gogh Is Bipolar (154-H Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Q.C.)
MESHWE – #33A Malingap Street
BLACKSOUP CAFE + ARTSPACE – Unit G #154 Maginhawa Street (inner courtyard)
PINO RESTO BAR – #39 Malingap Street
ROBERTA FLAVORS OF ASIA – #45b Maginhawa Street
AL FARSI PERSIAN GRILL – 2/F #189 Maginhawa Street
WICKED KITCHEN – 2/F #189 Maginhawa Street
PARRILLADA GRILL – #189 Maginhawa Street
VIA ANTONELLA – #189 Maginhawa Street corner Makadios Street
BUFFALO JOINT – #45b Maginhawa Street
THE BREAKFAST TABLE – #189 Maginhawa Street
FRIULI TRATTORIA – #79-A Maginhawa Street
HANDURAW PIZZA – #1A Masunurin Street corner Anonas Extension, Sikatuna Village
THE PORCH BY CASA VERDE – #113 Anonas Extension (near Savemore)
LEONA ART RESTAURANT – #45 Matimtiman Street
BOWL & BREW – Unit1 131, V.Luna Road Ext.
COOL BEANS LIBRARY CAFE – #67-A Maginhawa Street
NUEZCA CAFE – #53 Maginhawa Street corner Mahusay Street
CHILLI & INK – #51B Magiting Street
GAYUMA NI MARIA – #123 V. Luna Extension (extension of Maginhawa Street near SaveMore)
THE SNACK SHACK – V. Luna Extension (extension of Maginhawa Street near SaveMore)
GOOD BURGERS – #162 Maginhawa Street
BURGER HUB – #33A Malingap Street
STUFF OVER BURGER CAFE – #51 Magiting Street
RBY’s Steak & Shake – 152A Maginhawa Street
MEXICAN EXPRESS – #162 Maginhawa Street
KAZAM KEBAB HOUSE – #162 Maginhawa Street
JEEPNEY / GERRY’S JEEPNEY – #154 Maginhawa Street
URBAN CHICK – #195 Maginhawa Street
MANDI PERSIAN GRILL – #120 Maginhawa Street
MIXXX VIGAN’S BEST – #48 Maginhawa Street
SINANGAG STATION – #79 Maginhawa Street
ATE FE’S KITCHEN – #87 Maginhawa Street
FOOD CLINIQUE – #102 Maginhawa Street *new*
PAKIBALOT PANCITERIA – Suite 122 Bldg., #122 Maginhawa Street
ROASTERRIFIC! – #152 Maginhawa Street
ANTITEASIS: BOOKS AND BREWS – Unit C, #154 Maginhawa Street *new*
FROSTED DESSERTS – #57 Maginhawa Street
BELLATINI’S PLACE – #14 Maginhawa Street
CUPCAKES BY GREMLINS – #54 Maginhawa St.
GRILL QUEEN – #46 and #87 Maginhawa Street

Second, Inside the UP Diliman Campus

Coffee Hub
Lutong Bahay
Lutong Kapitbahay
Snack Shack
Ate Dang’s


2 thoughts on “Food Bucketlist

  1. I encountered a 2cm long COCKROACH in my katsudon at Food Clinique last August 24, 2014. I confronted the owners, the Camacho family, who profusely apologized and said that they just closed down the restaurant to clean the kitchen. How could they have not seen the cockroach which was mixed into the egg and the pork? How can the cook not notice that? How can the servers not notice that? When I asked everybody there (the dad, the mom, the daughter) they said they ALL SAW IT. They kept on saying “pasensya na po, hindi po sinasadya. First time po itong nangyari.” First time? There shouldn’t even be a first time? That should NEVER happen. I told the daughter to write me an incident report and email it to me that night. It has been 2 days and I still haven’t received an email from her.

    • Oh my. I haven’t tried their katsudon as I only eat the Sinigang na Ulo-Ulo most of the time so I have not seen it served to me up close. Did she send you an incident report already?

      This should not happen again. Too many patrons dine there because of the novelty and affordability of some of the ‘For Sharing’ items but this is such a disservice to the diners. Did she write the incident report already? Please let me know.

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