STARBURST! Astronomy Workshop for Kids.

STARBURST! Astronomy Workshop for Kids.

Another freelance design job done for UP Astronomical Society. This one is kawaii summer themed. The advertisement for Filipino kids is as follows:

Want to let your kids learn astronomy while having fun?
Open to kids ages 6-10 – May 26-28, 2014
Pre-registration link:


Sunflower Stories: The Five Things I Learned in UP

Yellow Stop Light


It’s 2 A.M. in the morning and I am super bored (like I have always been for the past nine months LOL). I got some papers from UP this afternoon and saw the sunflower plants (because there’s no flower yet and I am not sure if I should call it a stalk or a stem. Forgive my Bio ignorance) already growing. I have seen those for five years already but my emode was turned on this afternoon because I really am going to graduate soon.. I mean I have all the papers saying I have completed the course but I never really had a proper graduation yet. 22 days before that day, I feel like sharing about the amazing life lessons I’ve learned.


One of the most intimidating things about this school is its size. The fact that people are using jeepneys for public transportation inside the campus makes…

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Foodie Review: The Sweet Spot

Another food and restaurant review for the Maginhawa foodies out there! I love sweets, desserts, and oddly designed places so this place is a hit for me. This is about The Sweet Spot. 

We were on a hunt for a sweet fix to an otherwise boring Friday night when my friends and I decided to go to this relatively new dessert place in a food building in Sikatuna.

The place is relatively accessible by car if you are coming from both UP Diliman or Kalayaan Avenue. Taking a tricycle, however, is a bit costly considering the walkable distance to jeepney routes. Anyway, upon entry of the place, there is this floor-to-ceiling mural of coffee, books, and what-nots using chalk.

Upon further inspection, the area near the cashier has a bit of a library where customers can get some awesome books, magazines, and manga collections.

The food is a bit pricey. At first, we thought the place only had desserts and sweets but there are rice meals and sandwiches offered which cost around Php 200. I ordered a Blueberry Cheesecake and my friend ordered the Strawberry one so that we can share. Turns out, the cheesecakes are sweet and delicious enough for us to stay and have a bit of tarot reading.

The service is so-so. The total feel of the place is likened to a new study place for students. Outlets are accessible. Also, another thing that I really like about the place is their sofa sets. Super comfortable.

This is another review rip-off from my looloo account which is also viewable in my zomato account. Cheers to the sweet tooth!